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Some odd items I bought in Hong Kong by Jessica Lee

I've been feeling overwhelmed by everything there is to take in in Hong Kong so I haven't been feeling up to writing. But here is a short post of novelty items I bought in Hong Kong.

Maltesers comes in boxes here apparently. And they come in a dark edition. Can't wait to try them!

I saw these at the check out line at Watson's, which is like a Shoppers Drug Mart in Hong Kong. They are black cotton buds. Apparently when you take off nail polish using these, the colours of the nail polish are more easily see-able. They were $11 HK, which comes around to $1.42 CAD, so I thought "why not".

This is the outside.

I'm also trying to buy a travel hair dryer so I can use it in Sydney. The problem is all the really cute dryers in Hong Kong aren't the same wattage as in Canada. Sydney wattage is 240, which is the same as Hong Kong. Canada's wattage is 110. So basically if I wanted to buy a cute hair dryer I could use in Sydney, I wouldn't be able to use it in Canada.

Or I could just buy an ugly one that converts from 110 to 240.

Decisions, decisions...