Toronto Women's March in the Globe and Mail by Jessica Lee


I recently photographed the Women’s March in Toronto for The Globe and Mail. The assignment ended up being featured in the Folio section for the print edition, and I was really excited when my photos were given a double spread. I am very grateful I got to photograph such a meaningful event as the Women’s March and document it historically. While there has been so much work done in the past to further women’s issues, there is still so much more work to be done.

Fight fire with fire: Firefighters protest in Barcelona, Spain by Jessica Lee

One of my photography mentors once told me to always bring my DSLR with me wherever I went. Boy am I glad I listened to his advice.

On my way to a coffee shop in Barcelona today, I stumbled into a firefighters protest. The whole square was filled with firefighters who made a bonfire and even threw firecrackers into the fire as the day went by.

It wasn't quite a riot, but I got close enough to the heat to feel the rush of adrenaline excitement.

The firefighters were really nice to me, but of course, these are people who would risk their lives to save the lives of others- so I suppose that was to be expected.

I hope their issues get resolved soon.