Montreal update #1 / by Jessica Lee

It's mid-morning and I am sitting in a bustling cafe on rue Amherst in Montreal. I'm staring out into the street sipping my cappuccino. It has just started raining and I feel lucky to have just missed the downpour.

It's almost been a week since moving to Montreal and I have to say I am enjoying it a lot.

The French seem much friendlier than Torontonians but then again, maybe they are just smiling back at me.

Though I miss Toronto and my friends back home, I am quickly settling in to my new job and life.

I started work at a hostel as a host and it's been quite the learning opportunity. I mean, I've lived in hostels all over the world, but when you work at one, you get to see the same faces over and over and you sort of get used to them in your life. I hate saying goodbyes so I've been trying not to get to close to this ever-revolving cast of characters. My coworkers, however, I know I will regret them leaving at the end of summer when they all leave to warmer weather out west.

There is a lot to blog about in Montreal. Like new places I've discovered, life at the hostel, the people I've met and how inspired I've felt after meeting them. That will all come in time.

For now, I leave you with a neighbourhood walk around the Quartier de Spectacles area. Enjoy the photos and I will talk to you again soon!