Wash and coffee: Why you need to travel at least once a year / by Jessica Lee

I took the above photo in Munich earlier this February. I was on a walk around the neighbourhood with no particular agenda- just seeing new things and exploring. In fact, I was definitely lost when I took this photo, but I'm glad I was lost because it led me to discover this fantastic laundry and coffee shop business.

What a brilliant concept! While you wait for your clothes to dry/wash, you can enjoy a cup of coffee! The business makes money from the customer doing their laundry, then makes more money when the customer buys coffee!

I took a peak inside the store, and some people were clearly having a business meeting so I didn't take more photos. Perhaps another way this business makes money is by renting out their space (which was in a great location close to the centre of Munich) to organizations.

We don't have anything close to this in my neighbourhood in Toronto and the routes I take to get around don't have one of these businesses either. It's such a great business idea and I wouldn't have come across it (and it wouldn't have been shared with you, readers) if I didn't do something new like travelling across the Atlantic to Europe and stumbling upon it in Munich. And this is why you need to travel: to get inspired, to see new things and to expand your mind.

What's the coolest thing you've seen on your travels? Links welcome!