Homeward Bound / by Jessica Lee

It's been a long journey, but I'm finally on my way home. I went to 14 countries in a little less than three months. I bathed in a geothermal spring with mountains in the background and also travelled by camel in the Sahara Desert. It's been a great three months of meeting new and interesting people, learning from them and expanding my viewpoints. I've also been extremely blessed to see so many beautiful sights and experience so many new things. On the flipside, I realized I also miss home a lot. I miss things usually taken for granted like a home-cooked meal or being able to sleep in your own bed without having to pack everything up again the next day.

Don't get me wrong, I loved seeing new towns and cities these past couple of months but it's also taught me the simple joys of knowing you have a place to sleep at night and it's definitely made me appreciate small things like being able to walk around my bathroom with bare feet because my bathroom at home has clean floors, unlike some of the hostels I stayed at. Another thing I used to take for granted was being able to make tea at home and at work so easily. Hot water is not always available at hostels because sometimes the kitchen is closed.

Maybe in the next few weeks I will get wanderlust again but for now I'm quite happy to be somewhere familiar, as cold as Toronto is. I have all my friends around and I know the city better than the back of my hand. I am relieved to be back home because it means I can rest and recuperate, and get ready for the next chapter of my life, wherever it may lead.

Thank you for following my adventures here and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I will be updating with more photos in the next few weeks!