The top of Barcelona, Parc Guinardo / by Jessica Lee

I spent my day in one of the most beautiful places in Barcelona yesterday, the top of Parc Guinardo. This park overlooks the whole city and gives you a panoramic view.

Here are a few photos of my journey to the top. I didn't have a map, but just started walking uphill and eventually found myself in the right direction.

They have an outdoor escalator in this region because of all the seniors and residents.

I got really excited, reaching this point even though I was barely at the top because I could start seeing the ocean and parts of the city from this angle.

I also encountered a fair amount of dogs on the way up.

This is almost the top, but there is still a hill to climb.

And here we are at the top:

I think I loved this place the best because there weren't too many people around so the atmosphere was serene and there was a lot of open space to just sit around.

I loved observing what the other people were doing. Here, two friends are doing yoga- such a great choice of destination.

This guy was just hanging out with his dog.

There were couples and tourists and friends just observing the view.

Below, two friends have motorbiked up and are sharing a smoke.

And this is me, solo traveller taking in the view and appreciating the beauty of the world.