Photos: Tangier, Morocco / by Jessica Lee

I spent the morning wandering around Tangier, Morocco, with my new friend from the hostel.

Here are a few photographs:

Below is the terrace of the hostel, which was a stunning view. We were in the old part of town, which gave the hostel some character.

As we walked along, there was some construction. I really like this photo because you can sense the man in the tan shirt is deciding what he's going to do about me, the photographer, taking a photo of him.

Street life in Tangier

The bird this man was carrying around was still alive while the photo was taken

We stopped off at the market at this point and got strawberries to eat while sitting at the fountain in the square. We were still hungry afterwards, so here we are going to vendors. As you can see, the vendors are all really aggressive in fighting for the client (us). In this manner, my friend, Joo, was able to bargain with the vendor and ask for a lower price for the food than indicated on the menu (which was genius, I didn't know you could do that).

As we were waiting for our meal, we saw the delivery of bread from this truck.

This is what we had. It was delicious, for 20 dirhams each! That's around $3.

After our meal, we decided to wander a bit more before splitting ways. Him going to Asilah, and me going to Chefchaouen.

More photos: