Photos: Farming at University of Saskatchewan / by Jessica Lee

I decided to take a walk around the university one day and discovered the farm.

Yes. University of Saskatchewan has its own farm.

You can actually smell it before you see it.

The university has an agricultural school and it's really neat because students get to experience real farming instead of just theory.

I previously studied at University of Toronto and University of Sydney, which are both schools in big metropolis areas. There were no cows on campus there.

In a way, I'm glad I ended up in Saskatoon because it's definitely a unique experience. Besides the locals, not many people can say they lived in Saskatoon. There's just no solid reason to be here. Unless you're studying mining or agriculture.

With the exciting discovery of the cows, I grabbed my friend Julia, and we decided to have a country photo shoot. I hope you enjoy the photos!

A cow licked me.