University of Michigan through photos / by Jessica Lee

One of the reasons I decided to visit Ann Arbor, Michigan, is because I wanted to retrace the footsteps of my father.

He graduated with a Ph.D. in Chemistry here then moved to Toronto with my mom. It's strange knowing he was here all those years ago before I was born, walking the same campus, possibly sitting in the same seats.

I didn't have a planned route going into the University of Michigan.

I wandered around and happened to stumble into this free concert. It was pretty impressive.

Here is what one of the quads looks like. It was a rainy day so the ground is wet.

I imagine the campus to be a beautiful place on sunny days.

This is one of the study rooms. Look at this gorgeous high ceiling!

 I also wandered into another building and found these pool tables. The lights above the tables look vintage. I wonder if they have been there for a while.

And also because I'm not one to miss detail, look at this gem I spotted!

I wonder how the photo shoot went. "Okay boys, we're going to take our shirts off for this photo"

Nowadays, everyone wears clothes for sports photos but there were walls and walls of these shirtless photos in the game room.

Here is another building I walked through.

A lecture room...

There is some really nice study space at University of Michigan.

This is the law library. It's pretty exclusive.

I mean, look at this sign! They had these signs on all the tables at the Law Library.

It's quite pretty and has high ceilings though.

Absolutely gorgeous! It almost makes me want to become a law student... (yeah right)

This is the other law library. I was extremely impressed by the architecture.

They actually hired a monitor at the front whom you have to show your law student identity card to so you can gain access to this library. (This is where your tuition is going, law students of U Michigan- is it worth it for plenty of study space?)

I asked politely to get in and the monitor saw that I was clearly a visitor (not holding books) so she let me through to look.

This is one of the crazy views you get if you sit at one of the tables. I put my notebook down for context and shot up.

After a while, I got hungry and left the campus.

There was this street with lots of campus eateries.

This one looked the least intimidating and most friendly.

I love how there is a community with all the photos all over the shop. Being at University of Toronto, a commuter campus, we never really had a place like this. I can name a pasta shop near campus I always went to with one of my study buddies, but there wasn't the same sense of community as displayed on this wall.

Also, if you notice from the photos, almost everyone is wearing a University of Michigan branded shirt or sweater. This university clearly has a lot of students who are proud to be Michigan students- more so than other universities I've been to.

In fact, as you walk through the main street of Ann Arbor, away from University of Michigan, there are  more than three shops that sell University of Michigan branded clothing. On campus, there are several branded clothing shops as well.

For some strange reason, I really wanted a t-shirt. I'm not usually like this when I visit towns, but I liked the designs and the colours. And "Michigan" just sounds nice.

It's not the same when you visit Toronto. I don't think people would be willing to buy a "University of Toronto" t-shirt to the extent that people are willing to buy a "Michigan" t-shirt. I myself didn't get a University of Toronto t-shirt until 3rd year.

I wandered back on campus and saw this lovely scene going on.

Someone had decided to bring bubble solution and create huge bubbles.

When I asked what it was for, the lady replied "this is just for fun!"

It was pretty fun. Here's me creating a bubble.

As you can see from the above photo, I'm unintentionally wearing University of Michigan's colours, canary yellow and navy blue. I just happen to like those colours- but I didn't mind blending in.

I don't normally like staying in towns for an extended period of time, but I think Ann Arbor is a town I could see myself committed to.