Romantic scenes between Geelong and Lorne / by Jessica Lee

The Great Ocean Road is filled with picturesque places all along the coast. Driving by, I thought this would be the perfect location to shoot movies with dramatic or romantic scenes.

We stopped off at Geelong first, a little port town and had a simple pasta lunch with wine while facing the lake.

Then we walked along and explored.

There's a small amusement park by the dock inside the visitor's centre, which looked like fun. I can only imagine all the fun nights that were had as the sun was setting and the townspeople were meeting.

You can never look at enough shorelines. This was in Lorne, which is another seaside town a few miles further.

We arrived during "magic hour" and I got a few nice shots.

Check out that cool highway over the water.

Our van parked near the shore.

This beach, a little further down, I imagine would have made a lovely picnic spot.

The people of Australia sure are lucky folks.