Cashing in on your looks to travel free / by Jessica Lee

I stumbled across this "sugar daddy" travel site yesterday called Miss Travel.

I don't usually post stuff about companies, but this was just too interesting.

Basically two types of people sign up, rich people and attractive people; then it works like a regular sugar daddy relationship where the rich person pays for the stuff of the attractive person, except instead of staying in one city, they travel together.

Personally, I think it's a bad idea unless you're the rich person. If you were the attractive person relying on someone else financially, it could end pretty bad if you get into a fight in the middle of the Caribbean. How would you get home if the rich person leaves you? (Don't sign up unless you have an escape plan!)

It's the same way I view jobs. You never want to be relying on a single source of income because if your company suddenly fires you for whatever reason (ahem major news outlets this week), you would be out in the cold.

But back to this site: being bound in a sugar daddy relationship would restrict your freedom and independence. And isn't that what travel is supposed to be about?

Readers: Your thoughts on this?