Shady in Sydney- Night photos and aimless wandering / by Jessica Lee

I was walking through downtown Toronto yesterday night when an Israeli traveler approached me with a question.

"Why is everyone in this city in such a hurry?"

I told him because it was cold. It was well below zero degrees.

That was my truthful answer because if it were warmer, I would totally be exploring and poking my nose around and discovering new things to do.

I love walking through cities at night. There are less people out (unless you're in a nightclub area) and things just seem more still. I feel like I can reflect and just enjoy things for myself.

I'm glad I bumped into him though because he reminded me of myself when I exploring Australia.

Here are a few photos taken near Miller's Point, Sydney:

We started the night with low expectations and no set agenda. Usually, I find the best nights come from spontaneity and an open mind.

The weather is much warmer than Toronto, as you can see by the clothes we are wearing. These photos don't really tell a chronological story, but they capture a feeling.

These photos capture a point in time. I will never be 21 again, but hopefully I will feel just as free in future pictures.

Here I am practicing my runway model pose on Sydney's Harbour Bridge:

We had just left the library after an intense all-day study session and the excitement of the sprawling Sydney nightlife was beckoning. Oh to be young and alive!

I thought the below tunnel looked really cool, so I asked for a photo. This was somewhere near Luna Park.

All photos were taken by me except the ones I'm in, which were taken by my good friend Bon Ng.

Readers: Do you have any photos of yourself connected to fond memories?