In the lobby of the Thompson Hotel / by Jessica Lee

I changed up my tune yesterday and decided that since I can't travel right now, I would at least try to meet people who were traveling.

It was a lucky coincidence that I met a client who was playing a gig at the beautiful Thompson Hotel in Toronto.

I don't usually spend a lot of my time in bars or lounges because I don't drink a lot. I prefer tea and coffee to alcohol.

But you do happen to meet some interesting characters in hotel bars; for instance, people who won't tell you what they do as a profession.

I mean, you can't blame a girl for wanting to know if she is chatting with a CEO or a drug lord.

There are some seriously sketchy folk hanging around town.

But I suppose that adds to the mysterious aura hotel bars exude; people meeting up for affairs, discussing business prospects, etc... There is a certain "je ne sais quoi" aspect to this lounge.

It was a pretty chill night though. I picked up some life advice, enjoyed some nice music, got to mingle with fabulously dressed people and tasted a wonderful cocktail made by a very handsome bartender.