Great Ocean Road, Victoria / by Jessica Lee

I woke up on a beach this morning. There was dew in the grass and mist on the outside of our van. The waves rose and crashed in gentle caresses and the sun shone brightly, beckoning us to get out and explore. And so we did.

It was night time when we drove into the humble town of Port Fairy, Victoria. We saw signs pointing to the beach and decided to park there for the night.

When we woke, it was to this spectacular sight:

Port Fairy is a quiet, coastal town. There was only one person waking his dog when we got up. It was the kind of serenely peaceful quiet people hope for in their retirement.

I wanted to stay for longer but we hurried on and got back into the car as we would have a lot of driving to do that day.

As we drove, there were many fields. I asked to stop by this one to take a photo of some cows.

What was interesting is that when we stopped the cows were all lying on their front, but when I got closer to them, they must have felt threatened as all of them "mooed" at me and stood up.

Then they all faced me and tried to stare me down.

And finally when I still stood there taking photos, they moved in as a group.

I thought this was awesome because I had never seen anything like that. Though cattle aren't really "wildlife", when you go to the fair and meet the cows, they don't do this sort of behaviour. In petting farms and fairs, all they do is eat off your hand, which is cool as well, but I sort of felt like a National Geographic photographer watching the cows protect themselves.

We drove for a bit and got to our first lookout point.

Australia used to be used as a colony for criminals because it was so far away from the rest of the world. Honestly though, whoever made that decision clearly didn't realize Australia was paradise.

This place is not jail-like at all!

It was quite lovely.

This is somewhere near the 12 Apostles.

This was called Thunder Cave because every time a wave crashed into the cave, it's supposed to sound like thunder. I think it would be a good rafting spot.

If you walk further down the trail, it will take you to a beach.

It was too cold to swim that day, but I bet this is a popular spot during the summer.

Below is a photo of me. We tried to get one of those photos where the waves are crashing behind me but the timing was a bit off.

That's okay. The photo will forever capture the moment where I stood on a rock and got spritzed by the mist and saw rainbows in the light. The air was cold and refreshing and I could look out into the distance and see miles of the endless turquoise sea.

Later, we arrived at Gibson Steps.

As we had started our traveling early, the beaches were still pretty empty as people were probably eating breakfast at that time. (We eat breakfast too, we just eat things on the go and straight out of the box.)

Secluded beaches are my favourite kind of beaches. It felt like I owned the land for miles around.

Below was a photo I took while the wave was curling in. It looks like snow on the ground but really the water was just super foamy.

The Great Ocean Road was definitely one of my favourite moments in Australia and you should definitely give it a go if you're ever in the area, or if you've never done it before.