Flying across City Hall / by Jessica Lee

This week, I took the opportunity to experience the thrill of screaming my lungs out in front of my city while hanging on by a clip from a wire. It was fun.

Toronto's been a pretty cool city to live in for the most part, but last week, it got a whole lot cooler. Since it's the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup, they set up a whole bunch of festivities, one of them being a zipline from City Hall.

This is what it looks like (you can sort of see two people hanging mid air):

Here is a closer look:

The zipline tower was set in between the two City Hall buildings so that all the office workers could watch you having fun vicariously while they did their work.

Here is what the top of the structure looked like:

A photo of my cousin and I: Notice how we look somewhat tense, well I do at least.

I mean I've done ziplining before, but this was a much longer line, being that it was the length of a football field (which is why it was set up for the Grey Cup).

Below is a photo taken right before we were told to just "walk into the air".

Toronto is actually quite a pretty city at night with all its lit up buildings.

And here we go:

The twenty or so seconds we were in the air whizzing across City Hall felt amazing. The view was great too. It was as if I turned into a bird. The cold air brushed against my face and adrenaline pumped in my veins. I forgot all about my looming exams and emails I had to send and lived in the moment.

Seeing the city from a different perspective is always exciting I suppose.

And in a matter of seconds, it was all over. Below is a photo of the guys at the receiving booth.

Toronto is a lovely that holds random events throughout the year, which is why it's great living here. I've been blessed with many opportunities just by proximity.