Aspiring for natural holes in my pants / by Jessica Lee

I wrote the following back in July, after my road trip through the East Coast of Australia:
Living with two guys out of a campervan for the last few weeks has been eye opening. It’s in the smaller details where you will find out more about a person, his values, and the way he lives.

After the trip, I was hanging laundry for one of the boys when I noticed some small holes in his jeans in a part that was obviously worn in, but not noticeable while the jeans were worn. This is one of the pairs of maybe two to three pairs of pants this guy owns.

I think it’s great he can be so simple. As I like to constantly improve myself, I make it a habit observe the way other people are, then try to pick up their good traits and incorporate them into my own life.

I realize now how ridiculous the amount of clothing/luggage I’m carrying around with me is. One of my resolutions for 2012 was to be more minimalistic, but obviously it didn’t work out.

I still buy loads of things and acquire items. I am also sentimental about the items I own, which is terrible for traveling, as it’s much easier to travel light.

I once read a book about a person who only owned 80 items, which I find amazing. Even if he was given something, he didn’t keep it unless he parted with one of his previous items. Items included clothing, electronics and toiletries. It was fictional, but I’m sure there are people in the world who do this as well. I liked the message of the book as it commented on the materialism of the world.

I don’t think it’s possible for me to buck down to just 80 items (come on, I have way too many interests), but one day, I would like to be so committed to a pair of pants that they develop natural holes in them.

For me, natural holes in clothing mean 1. Adventure 2. Being able to have a favourite item of clothing to fall back on 3. Focus, as opposed to being lured in by fancy store windows 4. Contentment in what you have 5. Environment conservation and being earth-friendly.

What are some strange details you love related to traveling that other people might think would be weird?