What the French people do on Sunday afternoons / by Jessica Lee

"Hey, let's follow those hippies!"


And so began our jaunt into Plateau de Mont-Royale.

We started our lazy Sunday by rolling out of bed at half-past noon, then grabbing a brunch at Laurier, a place known for its chicken meals.

Afterwards we strolled towards the Plateau and saw a bunch of hippies, whom we decided to follow.

They led us to these people:

There was a full-on medieval sword fight happening in the middle of Mont-Royale, which I thought was kind of random, but really cool at the same time.

Apparently this is what the French people of Canada do on Sunday mornings.

There was also a crowd of spectators watching the action.

I was fascinated by the French people, so I just walked around taking photos. I loved the relaxed vibe and how everyone was so happy.


There were a couple of slack lines set up, and lots of people just sitting on the hill having picnics.

This is quite different from what happens on Sundays in Toronto. You would never see such a huge crowd of people in the park in Toronto.

There was music coming from near the statue, so we decided to head over to that direction.

As we walked closer, we saw that there was a market set up around the area.

The way things were laid down on the ground reminded me of traveling to Asian countries where people would peddle their goods on the street and then grab everything in a hurry if cops came around.

But I think its legal to do this in Montreal, because everyone seemed quite relaxed.

This was my favourite part.

A group of people had gathered and were playing bongo drums and dancing.

It was quite organic. I wish I knew the story behind this. No one was busking or making money, but apparently there is a gathering like this every Sunday.

I think everyone is here just for the good energy and vibes. I joined in for the dance because everyone who was dancing looked like they were having more fun than the people watching, and its true, you have more fun dancing than watching from the sidelines.

This is my friend Mark and I. I decided that since we are in Montreal, I am going to call him Marc (with a C) because it seems more French.

I liked how the park had a festival atmosphere even though this was ongoing and happened every Sunday.

This was a couple I spotted whom I just had to get a photo of:

We hiked to the top of Mont-Royale and got a fantastic view of the whole city.

Here is another one:

There was a square at the top, which was gorgeous. I suspect it would be lovely to have a jazz or swing dance here on a summer night with a live band playing. If you look beyond the square, there is the view of the whole city.

There were lots of couples which I thought was cute. I imagine the square to be a great place to propose to someone. I'm not sure if people already do that (like how everyone proposes on the C.N. Tower in Toronto), but if it isn't already a thing, it should be.

After a while we started hiking down and found a pretty neat art project.

It was a book that someone had sewn around trees.

Marc called it a "photographer's trap" because around four photographers stopped to take photos of it during the short while we were there.

Right before dinner, we headed to Juliette et Chocolat for something sweet.

I loved the elaborate menu, so I took a few photos so you can look at it too.

I like how there is a variety of everything. It makes me want to learn more about chocolate.

I ordered the salted caramel chocolate drink. I felt like I was going to get chocolate poisoning- it was that thick and chocolate-y. Absolutely delicious though.

We both had crepes, though there were plenty of other things on the menu I wanted to try like the brownies or the tiramisu or even the fondue. Maybe another day?