Montreal: food edition / by Jessica Lee

I lost a bit of weight and became slimmer after being in Asia for the past couple of weeks and eating their small portioned meals, backpacking everywhere and generally being active.

Now that I'm back in Canada, things are about to change given that I just spent the last couple of days in Montreal aka the land of eating fatty foods.

The first day in Montreal, we had poutine with lots of toppings. This was supposed to be a "snack" before dinner at 5 pm but we underestimated its filling power and didn't eat anything else the rest of the night.

Here we are at La Banquise:

It was a difficult decision in choosing which poutine to get because there were so many and they all sounded so tasty. We ended up getting La Matty (mushrooms, onions, bacon and green peppers) in the end and adding sausages for an extra $1.50.

Here is the menu so you can look at it for yourself.

This place I can honestly say was the best poutine I've ever had. Or maybe I think it's the best I've ever had because I haven't had poutine in so long.

Either way, the fries were crunchy and not burnt, the gravy was plentiful and the cheese was perfect. The onions mushrooms and meat just added to the tastiness.

Afterwards we headed to the newly opened Candy Bar on Mont-Royale for drinks with my second cousin Anita and her husband Lincoln.

It was a magical place where the bar was built out of lego pieces while the bar gave off an 80's diner vibe. There were gumball machines in each booth and the decor was a fabulous pink.

We opted for the patio seating and they handed us the menu which was a giant lollipop.

Drinks all had a candy theme to it and came with candy attached as a garnish. I had a hard time choosing what to get. In the end it was a toss up between Bailey's with a shot of espresso and some other fancy thing, a lemon-lime cocktail and a blue raspberry drink.

I ended up ordering the lime/lemon concoction and it had sour gummies on the side. Anita's blue raspberry drink came with a ring pop, Lincoln's drink came with pop rocks and Marc's drink probably came with candy as well but he ate it too quickly and I never got to see what it was.

The next night, we headed to Schwartz's Bifteck for some authentic smoked Montreal meat.

The place is a cozy little deli reminds me of 80's New York sandwich shops.

See the lead photo for what the smoked meat sandwich looks like.

The meat was so tasty, it melted in your mouth!

You can choose cuts of lean, a bit of fat or fatty. We choose fatty because for me, I believe in all or nothing- and for Marc, he just likes fatty foods. This is a guy who fries his toast with all of the remaining bacon fat.

 Marc wanted to come back the next day for another sandwich. It was just that good. I will definitely miss this place in Toronto, but hopefully Caplansky's, a smoked meat deli in Toronto, will have similar quality.

For our final day in Montreal, after a day of shopping we decided to head to the Burger Bar because we originally liked its menu and patio seating.

So we sat.

And sat.

And sat...

The table next to us received their meals and one of them ordered a poutine burger, which I snapped a photo of.

Our stomaches grumbled and we salivated.

We patiently waited for close to an hour for our food. We asked the waitress to check on our food and she came back and told us that there was a "kitchen error" and that our food would be out in six minutes or so.

After ten minutes with nothing to show on our tables, we had had enough.

We didn't get to try their burgers but we were pissed off that our food never came so we left.

I think in this instance, when the restaurant messes up your order and makes the customer wait meaninglessly for an hour, they should offer the customers free appetizers or drinks. It's a part of doing business.

The waitress wasn't the greatest at doing her job because even after serving us, she spoke in French to us, when she should have remembered we were Anglophones. And most importantly she should have been checking on us and realizing that we were waiting for close to an hour for our food.

I don't think it's rude that we left.

We went to Dunn's Famous Smoked Meat where our food was delivered in fifteen minutes (possibly less).

I had the smoked meat poutine, which was amazing. The gravy is BBQ flavoured and just delicious.

Marc had the smoked meat platter. I nabbed a bit of the meat and it is soft and tasty. I could definitely eat it every day.

We ended our last meal in Montreal strong.

We didn't get to try bagels or croissants during our short stay in this fair city, but there's always next time.