Things I will miss about Australia / by Jessica Lee

I left Australia not even a month ago, but I’m already starting to miss it. The people and friendships I have made obviously rank at number one, but besides that, here is a list of things unique to Oz which I long for. (Some of these things I haven't even blogged about yet, but I will eventually, so keep your eyes peeled!)

The above photo is of me enjoying a lamington, which is a chocolate cake with a cream filling, which is an Australian specialty; it was okay. My favourite dessert in the whole world is still crème brule.  

1.     Beaches and ocean scenery. There are so so many nice beaches in Australia, it’s not fair.
2.     Sailing in Sydney harbour. It’s just beautiful; the water sparkles in the day time under the sun and at dusk when the sun sets, you can see the sky making all sorts of gorgeous colours.
3.     Melbourne cafes
4.     Vintage shopping. The vintage shopping here is substantially better than what we have back in Canada; much better finds.
5.     Kangaroo meat- just delicious when cooked right!
6.     Angry Australian men (I love overhearing Aussie men vent in their accents! Funniest thing ever.)
7.     Carmen’s cranberry muesli (I guess I will just have to find a muesli like this back home)
8.     When people call each other “mate”. (This always puts a smile on my face) I love it when people yell “Oy” as well.
9.     Red Rock Deli chips in the red chili flavour.
10. Watching kangaroos jump.

Bonus: Vita Brits! I recently discovered Vita Brits and I wish I could take a box home with me, but unfortunately I have luggage problems as it is already.