Things to do in Adelaide: pretty much nothing / by Jessica Lee

There really isn’t much to do in Adelaide, but at least the people here are extremely friendly.

My housemate Myra and I haven’t even been in this “city” (it’s really more like a town) for 24 hours and already we have noticed the people here to be exceptionally good hosts. For example, we missed our stop on the bus, the driver noticed we were lost, asked us where we were going, then personally drove us back to the stop we had missed (about five blocks back). This definitely wouldn’t have happened in a big city.

Then, it was near midnight when we decided we wanted to go back to where we were staying, and we were waiting at the bus stop for the bus that came once every half hour. It was freezing cold. We struck up a conversation with a girl who happened to be waiting there for her mother to pick her up and she offered to give us a ride back to our place, which we took up on her offer.

Previous to all this, I sat on a 10 hour bus ride from Melbourne to here and the guy next to me decided it was alright to just share my pillow with me without making conversation first. He pretty much just rested his head on top of my head- and I know he was awake when he did this. He also decided it was okay to use my arm as his armrest later on. Perhaps being all touchy with strangers is the norm in Adelaide. Regardless, I think this says a lot about the people in this town.

Before picking Sydney as the place I wanted to go on a study exchange, Adelaide was my first choice. One of my favourite bands, Anberlin, has a song called “Adelaide” and I loved the name. Also, I had never visited Adelaide, whereas I had been to Sydney before in 2000. I had done a quick google to Adelaide and it seemed like the place I wanted to be: a very Dawson’s Creek-like a small town.

In retrospect, I’m very glad I didn’t end up going to Adelaide. I might have killed myself. There is nothing to do here! Pretty much all we did so far was eat and shop. There aren’t many interesting sites to see unfortunately. We had been warned by our friend Jess, who is grew up here that there was nothing to do so I guess this really is our own fault for coming here in the first place. I guess at least now we can see first-hand for ourselves what being in Adelaide is like- boring.

We asked a bloke named Matt from Woolsworth what do people do here and he said “Get drunk.”

This decides it. We are going wine-tasting at the nearby wineries tomorrow.