Sydney to Melbourne: day one / by Jessica Lee

We left Sydney a few days ago to drive down to Melbourne onto the Great Ocean Road.

It has been lots of beautiful farmland and quaint little towns.

Driving through Australia has made me realize how incredibly large the world is. I mean, you pass through small towns, realize you're never going to meet any of these people, then pass through some more small towns and realize there are many more of these small towns you are never going to pass through or stop over and explore.

There is just so much I want to do, so many places I want to explore and stay at but not enough time. And this has only been Australia that I've been through on a drive. There are many other countries I'd like to visit in the future as well. At some point during our drive, I realized (silly I didn't figure this out before, I know) that I won't ever travel the entire world, be in all the spots I want to be before I eventually get too old and die. Sorry I am being morbid, but this greatly distresses me.

Australia is beautiful though.

The gorgeous coastlines we've been driving by make me re-evaulate Toronto's Harbourfront, one of my favourite areas of Toronto. If friends from out of town came to visit, that would be one of the places I'd recommend them to visit. I realize now our harbour is not quite as impressive as what these coastal towns have to offer. That's okay though. I still have lovely associations and fond memories from spending time there with people I love being around. I might still tell people from out of town to visit the harbour, watch the boats, go kayaking, and drink coffee with someone they like at the Second Cup on the dock. And in the summer, I'd tell them to visit Sugar Beach, walk by the sugar factory, inhale the scent of burning sugar and spend the day suntanning.

Anyway, back to Australia.

These photos were taken near Nowra.

We spent most of the first day driving, stopping off at scenic points. 

We watched the sun set from Jervis Bay, in a beach called Murray's Beach. I loved that it was secluded and clean. Bon found out that the sand squeaks when you drag your heels on it. I'm don't know how else to explain it, but if you come here and we arrange a time to meet, I could show you.

I've also developed a habit of running to the water of each beach we pass by and dipping my toe in the water. I don't know why exactly. Originally, this was so I could say I've dipped my toe in Australian waters at every beach- it seemed like a romantic notion, but really now that I think about it they are all just various points of the Indian Ocean. Oh well.

We stopped off at night in Bateman's Bay under a scattering of stars and a lovely coastline view to a gas cooked dinner of bangers and mash- which apparently is a dish originating from England, but something I only recently discovered in restaurants in Australia. I added steamed veggies to the mix because who says you can't be healthy and live on the road?