On top of Mount Stuart / by Jessica Lee

If you pitch a tent on a pullout on the side of Mount Stuart in Townsville, Australia, it is highly likely on any given day that in the middle of the night, some crazy motorcyclists will come tearing down the side of the mountain and crash into you. Or even worse, you may wake up disoriented during the night and accidentally topple over the edge of the cliff- even if you're metres away from the edge.

This is all according to the local cops of course, the friendly guys who kicked us off of the mountain past midnight (after we had set up camp) and made us go look for another resting place.

We had planned to camp on the side of the mountain during the night so we could wake up bright and early during the morning to go rock climbing.

No such luck, however.

There was a thick fog in the morning and it looked like it was going to rain.

It was still early, so we set up breakfast, hoping for the best.

This is what breakfast usually looks like: scrambled eggs for the guys and fruit, muesli and yoghurt for me. I do not like eggs. In this photo though, I am eating warmed canned soup.

Some of the fog cleared up so we started hiking up towards the climbs.

Did you know that in Australia, they call hiking "bushwalking"? Interesting right?

I loved the texture of the long grass. It's not something you see every day when you live in a neatly manicured city.

If you are ever in Townsville, climb up Mount Stuart. It is beautiful, and you can see the whole town from up there. These photos really don’t do the view any justice (sorry no wide-angle lens)! It is so gorgeous, I can definitely picture myself living at the top of Mount Stuart and eating picnics there every day. It would be a lovely life.

Here is an obligatory feet photo:

Unfortunately we didn't get any climbing in as it started to drizzle the moment we got to the climb.

However, as we were hiking back, a nice fog started to set in, so at least I got some great photos out of it.

Check out the cool fungi on these rocks:

A really cool flower:

This is what we were going to climb: