A date at Watson's Bay, Sydney / by Jessica Lee

With three days left to go in Sydney, I had no intentions to meet a charming English boy who would sweep me off of my feet. I had just been hoping to cross off things I wanted to do on my sightseeing list. Sometimes though, you meet the right people at the wrong time.

The timing was horrible since I was leaving and also because I had lost my voice from recovering from a cold. I don’t usually go on dates when I am mute, but this guy was really sweet and at noon, I found myself at Watson’s Bay, which happens to be a very good first date choice (hot tip for the gentlemen reading this!)

The day felt like something out of The Little Mermaid or like the 1930’s. I was pretty much silent for the first half of the date. My voice was gone so I had to write things for him to read in a little notebook I had while he carried on talking normally. Have you ever had to communicate to someone with just facial expressions and words on paper? It’s difficult. The tone of one’s voice conveys so much and it was missing.

We had fish and chips at Doyles on the Wharf, a much-hyped-up low-key eatery at Watson’s Bay. The food was definitely delicious, possibly the best fish and chips I’ve ever had; granted my perception of the food could have been conflated with the good company I was with and the lovely view of the harbour.

 Watson’s Bay is a perfect first date choice because the area is quiet and isolated being that it’s just on the outskirts of the city. It is also a beautiful place to be. I was impressed.

After lunch, we took a stroll on the beach then hiked up to a gorgeous, secluded lookout point. There is romance written all over this lookout. There is a natural bench for two indented in the rock at the very edge of the cliff and you can watch life passing by here with all the ships and little boats sailing past and the Harbour Bridge in the background. I imagine watching a sunset and sharing a bottle of wine here would be amazing.

On the other side of the cliff, there is a lovely trail with a view of the whole city. You can hear the waves crashing and sometimes spot dolphins or whales. It was the most perfect first date I’ve ever been on. The parting was bittersweet and left me sad the whole night.

Life is never perfect. Sometimes paths intersect for a moment and never meet again. Sometimes the universe conspires to bring two people together. The world is small and large at the same time. Who knows what the future holds?