Looks like I'm coming back to Sydney / by Jessica Lee

Sydney, I am not done with you!

I am leaving Sydney in two weeks to start my road trip around Queensland and Southern Australia. You would think that me living in Sydney for four months would be enough time for me to fully immerse myself in this city. It has definitely not been sufficient.

We made a list of things we wanted to do at the beginning of the four months. Not even half of it has been crossed off. Some of these things will never be crossed off either because they were festivals that we simply missed. They are lost moments, but there were many other moments that weren’t anticipated that made up for it- like housemate-bonding moments watching Australian primetime television shows Masterchef and Please Marry My Boy. (Don’t judge)

I made a new list of things I want to do before leaving (see lead photo). It only consists of about 14 things, so that roughly equals to me doing one thing per day. I still don’t have a lot of hope that this list will be accomplished given that exams for me start in six days.

Still, I will never experience this moment of my life again. I will never be this young ever again. Even if I were to visit Sydney again at a future date and do the things on the list, it would feel different. I will never feel as free as I am right now. I have no commitments to jobs, significant others or children. So I say it’s okay to spend a small percentage of each day experiencing life instead of just studying for exams.

Looking back, I’ve been trying to pinpoint where all of my time went. Though four months is not a lot of time (in the grand total of my life), it still is a significant amount. I try not to have regrets, but I have to say I made some bad calls here and there. BUT that is okay. Sometimes, you need to make mistakes to learn. Like that one time I spent the whole weekend studying for a quiz that I ended up doing terrible on anyway. Might as well have not studied. As I recall, the weather that weekend was great.

Another thing I would change in how I spent my time would be to vary my activities- less time at the shops (it’s always the groceries), less time at the gym and more time exploring Sydney.

Also, instead of skipping class to sleep in (which I did towards the end of the semester on Mondays and Wednesdays), I should have skipped class to go out. LIFE IS SHORT, LIVE A LITTLE.

Still, it has been a good run, and not getting to do everything I wanted only means I will have to eventually make a trip back here. Of course, everything will change. Friends who live here now may move away, buildings might get torn down, restaurants may close, public buildings may lose their funding, etc. etc. You never know, life’s always a gamble.

Here’s to today. Go out and explore!