Things I would rather be doing instead of writing my practical reports / by Jessica Lee

Dear readers, sorry I've been MIA for the last couple of days. I've been strapped down with a couple of practical reports and tests so I haven't had time to blog or do interesting things to blog about.

Here is a list of things I would rather be doing right now instead of writing my practical reports:

1. Write this blog post (clearly)
2. Go to the park with my friend Maire (that is us up there on the swings)
3. Go grocery shopping
4. Bake a cake
5. Eat Vegemite
6. Eat dirt (seriously, they are the same thing)
7. Watch Youtube videos of adorable cats while my housemate Myra gives me a "you-should-be-working-on-your-lab-report-not-watching-a-Youtube-video-of-a-cat" look. I don't know where would I be without her.
8. Conduct some of my own psychological experiments and write practical reports of those experiments instead of the boring experiments we were assigned in class

I've been reading some Tom Sawyer recently.

He's one of my favourite characters in literature because of the way he outsmarts the people around him and always seems to be having fun.

In one episode, he is given the chore of whitewashing a fence instead of being able to go out and play with the other boys. But because he is so smart, he manages to make whitewashing the fence look fun. In the end, the other neighbourhood boys trade him toys so that they can have a go at whitewashing.

I've been inspired by Tom and have been trying to make practical report writing look fun to my friends. No dice, however. They just end up thinking I'm a nerd when I say I am heading to the library to have some fun. 

Really though, it's been a riot. I've managed to piss off the security at my favourite library in the last few days by laughing too loudly at a joke (my friends are funny okay?) and by bringing food into the library (How was I supposed to know? Everyone else eats at the library, I feel like he's just picking on me). 

Maybe I can turn this into a social experiment. See how far I can push his buttons until he permanently bans me from the library or until he demands I get deported back to Canada... Then I can write a practical report about it! It will be awesome.

I should probably get back to writing my real report though. I mean, university is all about "expanding the mind", "embracing new ideas" and all that jazz but for some reason I don't think my professors would take it well if I handed in a report about my favourite security guard.