Just call me Sal / by Jessica Lee

I started packing for my road trip around Australia already.

We don't leave for another month, but I'm pretty ready to escape exam season at school.

We are going to be driving from Cairns, making our way along the sunshine coast to the Great Barrier Reef, stopping at towns throughout the way and going down back to Sydney for around two weeks. There will be beaches, kangaroos and hopefully sailing opportunities. (I am looking to sail to Hobart, if anyone has any leads or a big boat with space for me, please let me know!)

Then we are heading to Melbourne and going climbing in the Grampians for another couple of days.

The final leg of the tour will involve going to Adelaide and hitting up Kangaroo island.

And then my Visa expires and I have to leave the country.

Six months really isn't that long of a time.

If I knew time moved so fast, I would have moved faster as well.