Attachments and detachments / by Jessica Lee

I am positively in love with being in Sydney- but it's like living in a really nice dream that will soon end.

I'm pretty much at the midway point of when I arrived and when I will have to leave. And it's not just me who knows it.

As soon as I meet someone new and tell them I'm an exchange student, they usually ask "how long are you here for?"

When I tell them "until August", the air kind of changes and though they are still friendly, they know not to get too close.

They've probably had past international friends who they built up friendships with, who stayed for a semester then had to go back to where they came from.

Separations are really sad. Relationships just aren't the same when you stop seeing someone face to face regularly.

In an ideal world, I'd like to bring all the friends I've made in Sydney back to Toronto for our summer in June, and then move back with everyone (Toronto friends included) to Sydney when it starts getting cold in Toronto (October). It would be warm in Sydney by then.

Of course, this wouldn't work. Plane tickets are expensive and people have lives and jobs and commitments.

I could always come visit every once in a while but I know it won't be the same as right now. I think the solution is to just seize the day and enjoy as much as you can in the present.

Thoughts? What are your solutions to separation?