American Pie / by Jessica Lee

When life hands you a pumpkin, you're supposed to learn how to make pumpkin pie.

I think that's how the saying goes anyway.

My friend Bon gave me a pumpkin from his garden about a week ago and today I finally got around to making pie. Today was also the day I handed in the second last lab report I have to write this semester. Coincidence? Maybe...

Anyway, the crazy thing about pumpkin pie in Australia is that apparently the majority of Australians have never had it before! Everyone was asking if the pie I was making was going to be savoury or sweet. I never thought of pumpkin pie as a North American thing, but rather just something everyone had, like apple pie or cake.

Also, it's worth noting that they don't have graham crackers (for my graham cracker crust obviously) in Australia. If you ask any random Australian about graham crackers, he or she will probably give you a blank stare. For my pie, I improvised by using arrowroot biscuits. It's worked out pretty well I must say.

I'm serving the pumpkin pie tomorrow night because my friend Maire is coming over. It should be interesting to see what my Australian housemates/neighbours/friends think about about it. I'm pretty excited to be able to bring some "North American" to them. Yay different cultures!