Jessica Lee's Day Off (in Melbourne) / by Jessica Lee

Today felt like living in Ferris Bueller's life.

I was out and about in Melbourne with Tom and Lachlan (who are locals) and everything just happened to go accordingly.

We didn't do anything as extreme as joining a parade or catching a fly ball at a baseball game, and we didn't have to skip school but we had fun. Or at least I did. If you haven't seen the John Hughes movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, you should go see it. It's one of my favourites.

I arrived in Melbourne yesterday afternoon and walked around Bourke street, which is one of the bigger shopping streets. Eventually I got tired and settled down for lunch at a ramen place.

One thing about Melbourne is that it's the food capital of Australia, so I was extremely excited to come here- the food scene here is comparable to Toronto, though I still think Toronto is a bit better.

Tom and Lachlan came to pick me up from the city at around dinner time and we had breakfast because I had been disappointed by my pancake experience in Sydney so far. Both boys are really keen to prove to me Melbourne is a better city.

We went to The Pancake Parlour in Chadstone and the pancakes were amazing.

They don't look that great in this photo, but I was extremely pleased.

The bacon here is still not as good as back home in Toronto though. Most of the bacon I've tried here is over-salted and not as tender.

I should probably mention how I met Tom and Lachlan.

They are actually up-and-coming filmmakers. They were out celebrating a recent win at the Australian Oscars in a bar and I just walked up to them and introduced myself.

Just kidding.

I met them through my housemate when they were visiting Sydney for a film festival they were a part of.

They were nice enough to let me crash at their house.

The spare room I was given and am living in now is actually much nicer than my living arrangements back in Sydney. There is a heater in my room and I am sleeping on a double bed as opposed to a single bed back at Sydney. And here I was thinking I would be sleeping on their floor...

I packed a lot of sweaters for this trip because I thought the floor would be cold.

We woke up today at a good time and drove back to Chadstone (which is a huge mall) for breakfast, or "brekkie" as they call it here.

This is Tom's car by the way. It's got "character".

Tom had sushi (you have to hear an Australian say "sushi" by the way, it sounds amazing), Lachlan had nothing, and I had a mocha and a steak and pepper pie.

Meat pies are a big thing here apparently, which is great!

I thoroughly enjoyed breakfast.

Afterwards, we (or I) did a bit of shopping around the mall.

It was a pretty successful shopping trip.

This is the food court:

They wanted to know whether the mall here was bigger than the Westfield in Sydney.

I said I didn't know. As the day went on, I noticed this was a theme.

Tom pointed out the tallest building in Melbourne (I wasn't impressed- come on, I'm from the city with the C.N. Tower), and I was made aware of the fact that Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia, as well as some other facts that were supposed to be impressive- that I don't remember anymore because I guess they weren't as impressive as they were supposed to be... sorry fellas!

To get into the city, we took the tram, which was interesting. You buy your own ticket in the middle of the tram.

Here is the machine where you pay for tickets.

We got off near Yarra River, which I would compare to Harbourfront in Toronto.

One of the lovely things about Melbourne is that it has lots of pretty buildings. This is the exhibition building.

Here is a bit of a photo gallery of different sites I saw:

This was the Crown hotel, which is a really fancy hotel we sort of snuck into.

Eventually, we got hungry so we sat down for lunch. I had a delicious rice ball with cheese inside and Bolognese sauce on top. So far I haven't had a bad meal in Melbourne. It's been great.

I was taken to Flinders street next where we did a bit of shopping.

By the way, I wanted to point out that Melbourne has bike rentals everywhere too, just like the Bixi program in Toronto.

This here is the train station.

And this is Federation Square.

Can you spot us on the big screen TV?

Look at this great architecture!

After that, we wandered into the ACMI building, which is the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

They held the Tim Burton exhibition here, so I would compare this building to the TIFF lightbox in Toronto, except this building is a little more impressive than what we have in Toronto.

This was one of my favourite parts. We found a free exhibit in ACMI which was about the history of the film industry and how sound and images affect the film. There was a whole section on the history of video games as well. I got to play a bunch of early edition video games that I've now forgotten the name of.

We also did a timeslice, which you can see here. It's pretty funny.

We walked back to the car after that and went home.