Skateboards and social media / by Jessica Lee

The themes of the day were social media and the other one I'll reveal further down in this post.

It was a good day. It started out with Myra (my housemate) and I grabbing free coffee at Campos in Newtown, which is known as one of the best coffee places in Sydney. I'll explain why the coffee was free in a moment.

But first; the coffee was excellent! They did not disappoint. I had a flat white (finally!) because flat whites were invented in Australia, so I figured I should get it. The first taste took a bit of getting used to because I usually get a mocha which has a bit of sweetness in it (I love chocolate too much) and this coffee was mostly bitter. Flat whites are basically espresso and steamed milk. As I got used to the taste though, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

How to get free coffee at Campos:

Campos had this social media promotion where if you follow them on Twitter, you get free coffee! I saved $4!

But that's not all. Keep reading to see what else social media can do for you...

Before that though...

I bought a freakin' skateboard! (that was the second big thing of the day)

It was kind of an impulse, kind of a planned buy.

When I first came to Sydney, about two months ago, I was browsing a surf/skate shop at Manly beach not expecting to buy anything when I first laid eyes on this beauty.

It was love at first sight. I hadn't even planned on getting into skateboarding when I moved here. But you know when you see something so amazingly designed, it inspires you? That would be my skateboard. I don't have a clear photo of it, but it has a nice natural wood finish and great graphic design. It also rides really well.

I spent the last two months regretting not buying the skateboard and thinking that I would go back to the shop and get the skateboard or order it online. And then fate led me to this board again at an entirely different shop and I knew we had to be together.

Skating is amazing. Not only do you feel great cruising along the street at a faster pace than everyone else with the wind in your hair, the breeze skimming your skirt... people in Sydney seem to really support girl skaters.

I had random strangers cheering me on, giving me high fives, complimenting me, chatting me up...

Despite almost wiping out (Sydney has lots of hills) several times in the course of the day, I had a genuinely great time.

After hanging out with my friend Dan at Bondi Beach (after skating) for the day, we hit up the Buckler's Canteen for $3 tacos.

And free wine.

Can you guess how? Starts with an "S" and ends with "ocial media".

There was this deal where if you "checked-in" on Facebook at the Canteen, you get a free drink.

Smart phones can be pretty handy.

This is a photo of the bar, which we thought was pretty cool.

Lessons of the day:

1. Don't be afraid of social media. You can get lots of free stuff.
2. If you see something in a store that you really like, buy it! It could change your life and make you incredibly happy.