Just a small town girl, aka my day in Ballarat / by Jessica Lee

I had an extremely girly day with my housemate, Myra, today.

It was lovely.

I arrived in her hometown of Ballarat, Victoria, yesterday night by train.

She told me she lived in a small town so I was expecting something like the T.V. show Dawson's Creek. 

On the train ride to Ballarat, I even prepared by listening to Paula Cole's "I Don't Wanna Wait"- the theme song for Dawson's Creek.

I expected everyone to know everyone, and I was hoping we'd be able to visit her neighbours by rowing a small boat along a creek. (This did not happen to my disappointment.)

However, I was pretty excited when she took me out today and she greeted someone she knew. I thought that would be happening throughout the day- but no- apparently Ballarat is a bigger town than she let on.

It's comparable to Barrie, Ontario, but not as big. (The town is covered in my Rough Guides guidebook in three pages.)

Still big or small, the town was a nice change of pace compared to Melbourne or Sydney.

There aren't many big tourist attractions but we still found things to do such as going shopping. I love shopping at small town boutiques because you tend to get unique items. It's even better if no one goes to the store because then everything that doesn't sell is discounted!

Myra was good though, she didn't let me buy anything.

After wandering around the shops and stopping to watch a football game (because I thought it would be the thing to do in a small town), we headed over to visit her sister Ester, who works at the cutest store ever!

It is a cupcake and tea store!

We shared a pot of tea called Melbourne Breakfast, which is English Breakfast with vanilla.

And I had two mini cupcakes. Red velvet and chocolate.

Absolutely delicious.

This was the perfect girly thing to do after hanging with the fellas back in Melbourne.

Afterwards, since the store was closing (everything here closes at 4 pm!), Ester took home some cupcakes.

I won't say how many I ate, let's just say I had an extremely delicious night.

I also want to show you the house I stayed in. 

It is bohemian and cozy and exactly how I pictured living in a small town would be like.

I was given the attic room, which I loved since I've never slept in an attic before. It had natural lighting and at night, I could gaze out at the stars if I wanted to. (You don't get to do these things in big cities like Toronto.)

This is the entrance to my room:

A beautiful balcony.

Wood-paneled kitchen! I sort of pictured the radio going in the background here as Myra and Ester get ready for school and eat cereal. This would have been a cute house to grow up in.

A lush greenery in their backyard:

And some tiny details.

As the sun was setting, Myra and I took an incredibly romantic stroll around the lake since I was keen to get in as much Dawson's Creek experience as I could while I was in Ballarat. (This is exactly what Joey and Dawson would be doing!)

Ballarat is beautiful.

If you ever visit, say hi to the Koelle family for me.