Tai O Photo Essay / by Jessica Lee

Just before I left Hong Kong, I went to visit a small, rural fishing village called Tai O. It is often described as the "Venice of Asia".

The place was nice and secluded- a break from busy Hong Kong life filled with buzzing signs and the busy chatter of people.

I had to take a ferry to a small town, then from there, another bus.

There was a beautiful fog that I decided to take advantage of and snap some photos.

I absolutely love boats.

It was strange being here as a person who has lived in the city her whole life. People were hanging their clothes out to dry, there were no grocery markets. People just fished and ate what they caught.

I wonder how the locals living there would react if taken to the city with it's bright flashing lights and loud noises.

It was so peaceful there.

These were littered all over the beach.

This is how they get their vegetables.

A fisherman's catch for the day.

Making sugar?

Some Asian bird from the hawk/eagle family? It was quite impressive, swooping down and around everywhere.

These are people's homes. Imagine living here on stilted-houses!