The Queen Victoria Building! / by Jessica Lee

It was bound to happen.

I discovered the grandaddy of shopping centres!

All it took was a bus ride to Circular Quay and some persistent looking out of the window.

This here is the Queen Victoria Building:


It is HUGE.

Here is their classy entrance:

The insides:

Most of the shops were designer labels BUT I did discover some nice knick knack/stationary stores!

This is the outside:

They were playing my favourite Beatles song so I had to wander over and have a look.

And back inside again:

This was taken from the top floor.

I really wish I had time to visit every single shop because they all had lots of goodies I was interested in. Unfortunately time was running out (things in Australia close around 6-7 pm!), and it's not like I had a lot of money to throw around.

The cool thing about the QVB is that right beside it is Westfield Shopping Centre!

So you end up having a never-ending shopping adventure.

If given the funds and time, I could easily spend two full days exploring this place!

So I heard some really lovely music as I was shopping and realized it was coming from outside.

This guy was simply phenomenal. Not only was his playing quite skilled and technical, he played his own original compositions with lots of emotion.

A small crowd had gathered.

I watched as within 10 minutes, he made $40 from people buying CDs!

He is pretty much doing what I'd like to do one day- escaping office life, setting his own hours, making beautiful sounds...

I thought his guitar was really cool so I went to chat with him during his break.

I asked if the holes in his guitar were there on purpose (looked like he made them purposely to make the sound better).

It turns out that HE designed the guitar and his father made it!

The strings are set wider near the base so he can finger pick since he said he had big hands. I later compared his hands with mine and yes his hands are pretty big. I don't think I'd be able to play his guitar.

He also told me he's never had any other job than play the guitar, which I found extremely cool.

After that, I went around taking more photos.

This is Dymocks, which is like Chapters Indigo back home.

It's my favourite store so far in Sydney.

This is me not kidding about the crazy prices of nail polish here:

Revlon nail polish is like $8 at Shoppers Drug Mart back home! Here, it's $13.95.

And a final photo of Westfield courtyard.

One day, I am going to come back and shop 'til I drop.