Mardi Gras, Indian Food and Chocolate lover's paradise / by Jessica Lee

I reckon I've seen enough wrinkly old-man butt yesterday night to last me several lifetimes.

My housemates and I went to Mardi Gras yesterday, which is a gay pride celebration.

I didn't go to support or to judge, but merely as an observer.

Before that though, we started our day off with some Indian food.

This is what I had, rice, roti, some crunchy stuff, four curries to dip in, some yoghurt and a coconut dessert. It was absolutely delicious and it was completely vegetarian! (Two of my housemates are vegetarian and they may or may not be trying to convert me...)

Some desserts!!!

A sign at the store that I liked.

A really cool dish that I've never seen before...

Om nom nom...

Alright, now a few photos from Mardi Gras. Keep in mind that it was raining and dark so the photos didn't turn out too well. It was mostly people dressed up in glitter anyway.

Afterwards, we got tired of watching the parade, so we decided to walk home, and we headed through a park.

We were taking a photo when these two big black guys walked up behind us, and they were like "We'll be in your photo", and I was like "yeah let's do it". (They seemed really chill)

Meanwhile, my two friends are freaking out. (Notice the tight, nervous smiles, and Maire on the left grabbing on to her purse) It was a hilarious night.

Below is the photo.

Afterwards, we came across Max Brenner Chocolate Cafe, which was brilliant! I don't know why they don't have more chocolate cafes in Toronto because I'm sure with people like me, they would do great business (I love Soma Chocolatier and Xococava back home, by the way.)

Anyway, here in Sydney, they have Guylian chocolate cafe, Lindt chocolate cafe and Max Brenner.

Let me give you a little tour as this was the highlight of my night:

Here is a big vat of chocolate, which just like the fictional Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, has pipes that connect from this vat of chocolate to where they actually make the chocolate. The pipes run across the room, which is so cool!

Some desserts! I couldn't decide what to get, there were so many options, and I just heard there is a chocolate pizza you can get, which is what I'm going to do next time.

A close up!

Stuff on the counter that I thought deserved a picture of it's own.

Brownie with ice cream

Check out the cool milk shake glasses below!

The expensive menu

Chocolate dip!!! Which was only $2.50. (I'm going to get this next time too-fyi, there will be MANY next times.)

And this is what I had:

I wanted to show you the receipt, because it says I ordered a "dark Italian" hehe.

This is what it looked like: It was an Italian style hot chocolate, in their famous "hug mugs", made with dark chocolate.

Those chocolate pipes at the counter that I was telling you about before!

More chocolate goodies!

The store, which looks like a coffee shop, except people here are happy and not grumpy because people can be really rude when they haven't had their morning cuppa sometimes.

So yes we walked home after that, settled into our beds and woke up this morning to do chores.

Tomorrow is the first day of school! Eeep!