Keegan's Minnesota Clay Chicken / by Jessica Lee

I can cross "surfing in Sydney" off of my list now, but I'll have to add something else.

We were sitting in North Bondi Italian Restaurant, it was a nice glitzy restaurant with a view of the shore, talking over glasses of wine and sparkling water.

I could tell he really wanted to talk about chicken because he had brought it up when I mentioned that I liked to cook. "Do you cook chicken?" he had asked.

So I finally asked him about his cooking. And I was pleasantly surprised.

Keegan, who is from the back country woods of Minnesota, U.S.A, told me an elaborate way of how he cooks his chicken that had me, a self-professed foodie quite intrigued.

This is how he cooks it:
1. Marinates a whole chicken (obviously)
2. Wraps the chicken in tin foil
3. Heats up rocks on his BBQ
4. Digs a hole in the ground
5. Puts the really hot rocks in the hole
6. Finds some clay in the area (he lives in the woods remember) and cover the chicken with a layer which is now wrapped in tin foil
7. Puts the clay and tin foil wrapped chicken into the hole with the hot rocks
8. Buries the chicken

He lets the chicken steam in the ground for about three hours and when it's done, he says the meat falls off the bones and so delicious!

I never planned to visit Minnesota before, but now I am dying to visit him so I can try out his cooking! And possibly shoot game and do all sorts of woodsy activities.

He tells me that when he invites people over, after shooting game with them, he literally starts "digging for dinner". Imagine their surprise when he produces a perfectly cooked chicken.