The joys of shopping for food / by Jessica Lee

Some people like to clean their room to procrastinate from studying. I like to go grocery shopping.

It's not normal, I know. But going grocery shopping makes me feel: 1. productive 2. calm and 3. excited.

I have been to the grocery store five times in seven days this week. I usually go when I have long 2 or 3 hour breaks from class or right after class.

Whenever I return home with food, I feel accomplished because I have done something important- which is keep myself from starving for another couple of days/ hours.

The grocery store is about a 10 minute walk from my house and I try not to take the bus to save money so I usually only buy what I can carry home, which explains the frequent trips.

Buying food is also less stressful than shopping for clothes or any other "things" because I get stressed out if I buy too many things since I know that there is no way I can fit everything I bought so far into my luggage when I leave Sydney later. But food can be consumed and therefore doesn't add to my stress of not having enough luggage space. Food is also definitely a "necessity" compared to shopping for new clothes, which most of the time I don't actually need.

It's also exciting picking up deals and planning meals.

I replenished my cookie stash the other day with three packages of Oreos!

It's interesting to see how different the packaging is in Australia compared to North America. They don't sell Oreos in such small packs in N.A. It's usually three times the size in Canada. I guess this is why North American people are fatter generally? Whatever- we get better value (more cookies) for our money over in Canada/ the U.S!

This purchase was also quite exciting for me because they don't sell Vanilla ice cream flavour/strawberry flavoured Oreos (last time I checked) back home. I have a jug of milk (yeah they don't sell milk in bags here) waiting in the fridge for when the time comes to eat these beauties...

For all the health nuts out there, don't worry! I am keeping healthy and not just munching on cookies and sweets (though you should see my ice cream collection in the freezer, and my chocolate stash- both are impressive). I have stocked up on carbs, protein and fresh fruit as well.

I'm getting pretty into rock climbing now, and you need a lot of energy to build muscle and get to the top of some of the harder climbs. Previously back in Toronto when I was really into sailing (still am into sailing in Sydney- don't worry) it wouldn't matter so much what I ate because in sailing, most of the time, the boat does the grunt work for you. You just have to know where to set the sails and hike outwards to balance the boat. Sailing is not really a sport that requires a lot of physical ability compared to lets say when I did water polo from my high school days. Boy did I get fit fast during those intense mornings of training.

Readers: what are your favourite healthy meals to make at home? Share with me some of your recipes!