Eating cheap in Sydney / by Jessica Lee

Let's be honest. My plans of meeting a nice, wealthy gentleman to take me around town aren't going so well currently.

This is where this book comes in:

We've done a few "free" things so far, such as going to Paddy's Market, where we bought really cheap groceries. We are planning to do a lot more. Paddy's Market is like a farmer's market where there are lots of stands.

So that we are not confused and because we like to make lists, my housemates and I have made a list of things we want to do in Sydney.

This is the side of our fridge: (If you click on the picture, it will get bigger)

We've separated a list of things to do and places to eat. There are about 30 places to eat and 30 things to do. We've crossed out about one thing so far.

I also wanted to show you the front of the fridge:

It's got our names on it so there's never a chance of anyone forgetting each other's names. Tara also drew pictures that sort of describe us to help us remember who each person is.

Hannah likes tea, Myra likes make-up and apples, Tara likes music and cats, and I like to read, and am Canadian so she drew a hockey stick and puck and what is supposed to be a maple leaf but really looks like a marijuana leaf so now it looks like I'm really chill and somewhat of a stoner.

Anyway, I wanted to show you how to eat cheap around Sydney.

Basically, what you do is buy food from the grocery (Paddy's Market has the cheapest veggies and fruit), and cook for yourself at home.

In the process, I've gotten quite confident at making stuff.

This is the first successful time I've made French toast. It has Nutella on it and a side of strawberries and bananas.

 This is oats with cinnamon and fruit: tasted better than it looks.

Australian rose, basa filets garnished with lemon and herbs + veggies

My housemate Hannah made this for us, vegetarian Laksa, which is a Vietnamese noodle dish. I was super impressed. I wish you could smell this through the internet.

Yesterday, we made pork meatballs with bacon from scratch.

This is what it looked like when it was done:

This is the full meal with steamed broccoli and mash:

And this is what I made this afternoon for lunch: Honey BBQ chicken.

And last night, I made banana bread for everyone because I bought 19 bananas at Paddy's Market for only $1. (We still have about 15 bananas in total, so we're making milkshakes and eating bananas with almost every meal. It's kind of crazy, but at least we're getting our potassium.)

Here is a picture of our banana bread (it's got chocolate chips in it!).

Eating in and making your own meals isn't the exact same as going out and eating, but it's saving money and making me a better cook.

So there you have it: how to eat cheap in Sydney. There is no other way. Even fast food is a couple of dollars more than in North America.

For me, tomorrow's breakfast is banana bread French toast with Nutella! Bon Appetit!