A day of firsts / by Jessica Lee

Today was another perfect day.

Now you're probably thinking: how is it possible to have so many perfect days?

I don't know. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe if you moved to Sydney, you would begin to understand it.

At this point, I just feel like if I could relive these moments of my life again and again, or just repeat what I have experienced so far these past few weeks for the rest of my life (not exactly the same obviously), I would have a perfectly happy existence. 

This is what today looked like:

I went on a trip with the University of Sydney Sailing Club to Rose Bay in Sydney, which was an absolutely beautiful neighbourhood. If you can make out the houses in the distant horizon on the hill, you can sort of get an idea of how nice this neighbourhood is- one of the richest in Sydney. I mean, imagine waking up every day to a beautiful harbour.

This is the same harbour that has the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. We sailed out to the middle of the harbour and were able to see the bridge (though not as far as being able to see the Opera House).

Today was also the first day I sailed a laser boat! (I usually sail 420s or Wayfarers)

It was a day filled with adventures, relaxation, and interesting characters.

Afterwards, I came home to Hannah, my housemate, cooking up a storm.

Get this: I ate kangaroo meat for the first time!!!

Here is a photo of Hannah cooking on the frying pan:

Kangaroo meat:

This is the 'done' version.

You're probably wondering at this point what it tastes like. Well it's sort of like regular beef except a lot chewier. If you are a person who has quite a bit of anger and like to grind your teeth when you're angry, I would recommend kangaroo meat for you. Because not only would it be better for your teeth, kangaroo meat (in moderation) is actually quite healthy for you. Lots of protein and low in fat. Also, lots of iron and zinc. And kangaroo meat would give you something to chew on to work out your anger issues.

I was really happy about trying out kangaroo because I usually am not very adventurous when it comes to eating out (I like to stick to things restaurants can't possibly mess up like pasta), so it's not like I try new entrees a lot. This was going out of my comfort zone (somewhat) and finding out it wasn't all that terrible, in fact, quite enjoyable.

And because you can't just eat kangaroo meat by itself (you have to have a balanced meal! I hope your parents taught you about healthy eating!), Erin from next door brought over a greek salad.

 And Hannah made an exquisite potato bake.

Here is the complete meal with everything including mushroom gravy on the kangaroo meat:

Afterwards, we finished the meal with vanilla bean ice cream.