Canadiana / by Jessica Lee

I love Sydney very much but sometimes I miss Canadian things like poutine and beaver tails.

I've been in Sydney for a month now and I have finally met enough Canadians to have a "Canadian night".

We're going to eat poutine and pancakes with Canadian maple syrup and possibly sing the national anthem.  We don't have Canadian beer unfortunately but I might make some apple cider with cinnamon.

Poutine is fries (or as they like to call them here 'chips') with gravy topped with cheese. A beavertail is not an actual beaver tail. It's a deep fried pastry sprinkled with brown sugar and topped with lemon juice. Or sometimes they add Nutella or maple butter to it. Beavertails are pretty much my favourite thing ever. I like them more than Cinnamon buns and cake and pie and cookies.

I'm pretty excited because I just made a Canadian playlist on my Zune to play tomorrow.

Some of the artists include:
Michael Buble, Broken Social Scene, Down with Webster, Justin Bieber, Drake, Our Lady Peace, Feist, Avril Lavigne, The Trews, Trebel Charger, The Stills, Soul Decision (yes they're Canadian), The Moffatts (The Canadian version of Hanson), Pilate, Sam Roberts, Sarah McLachlan, Mariana's Trench, Bryan Adams... And some indies like Jeremy Fisher and Paper Lions.

We have quite a lot of talent on our shores and I'm very proud of our country. Not only for our socialist views and peace keeping, but also because Toronto and Vancouver both make a lot of "best city to live in" lists. I am proud of our people because we're friendly and hardworking. We are multi-cultural and accepting.

And generally when I tell people here that I'm Canadian, they have a good reaction.