Beachin' it out / by Jessica Lee

I don't have classes on Fridays, so naturally I headed down to the beach.

This is what Bronte beach looks like:

But before that, we did a little bit of walking through the beach neighbourhood and just scouting out houses.

This is the view from a random street. The photo doesn't do it justice at all. It's quite magnificent if you're here in person. Just the feel of standing on the concrete sidewalk, feeling the hot sun on your back and the wind on your face, breathing the salty air, knowing that your feet can take you to the sand in less than five minutes if you wanted to go there... that's amazing.

This is one of my dream houses. (see below). I know the photo isn't that great, but it's right next to the beach and the house is painted in two of my favourite colours, turquoise-y blue and yellow.

This is my second dream house, it looked really modern, and I bet the insides are just as nice as the outside. Plus the person who lives inside has lots of books (if you peep into the window), so I could easily see myself moving into a place like this and storing all of my books and other stuff here (if the person inside were to ever move out, and if I could somehow afford a place like this).

This is a cute little house with huge cacti growing around it.

This is dream house #3. Please note the really cool hanging chair up at the front!!! Lovely balconies too.

This is when we finally got to the beach:

This is my friend Maire. (It looked like it was going to rain, but we were lucky and it didn't.)

At this point, I put away my camera because I didn't want to be that creepo who takes pictures of people at the beach. Besides, a beach looks like a beach. You don't need pictures do you?

Afterwards, we got fish and chips on the beach! So tasty! It was soft, basa filet and a crunchy batter. Maire was being healthy and got grilled green coconut fish with salad.

It was a perfect day...

Because afterwards we got home to my housemates cooking vegetarian Indian curry for everyone! We had it with Pappadum (the crunchy shell-like bread), rice and something that tastes and looks like naan bread, but had a different name which I forgot. Oh well, I will ask my Indian friend next time.

Om nom nom!