Australian food / by Jessica Lee

It's been busy! Between going to orientation and applying for jobs, I haven't really had time to sit down and write, much less go out and do new things. Which is why I was excited when one of my housemates suggested we go out to a breakfast place for her birthday!

I had heard loads about Australian coffee, but yesterday was the first time trying it. It did not disappoint!

We went to the Clipper Cafe, it was delicious and a short walk from home. I think it could easily become "our place".

I had the baked eggs with lamb sausages. Quite delicious!

Here are some photos of what my friends had:

Somewhat related to this, today I learned from my housemate how to poach an egg! So I will be poaching some eggs soon.

At night, we went out for one of the FROSH parties.

In Australia, they have alcoholic cider! It tastes like and reminds me of coolers.

This one was apple flavoured, but there is a strawberry one that my housemate is trying to hunt down so I can try it out, or in Aussie language, "give it a go".

See? It says "cider" on it.

I'm pleased to say that I'm starting to understand Australian sayings more and more.

Here's a quick tutorial for you:

"Have a go" means "try it out"

"How are you going?" means "How are you?" (I know, weird)

"Suss it out" means "test the waters" (I think? haha I'm not too sure about this one either)

"Torch" means "flashlight" (I figured this out by myself and am very proud)

And when I said "scone", like "SK-OWN", my housemate was like "We pronounce it 'SCON', so no one will understand you."

Well I hope you got something out of that. I will post more when I figure out more things haha.

 Below, some photos from last night.