Travelling to Australia: advice for rookies / by Jessica Lee

I've been on the road for about a month now and along the way, though I tried to plan everything out, I've had my share of regrets. Sometimes it stemmed from not knowing a few things, and sometimes it was from lack of clear thought.

Here are a few things you should know if you're coming to Australia.

1. Things are really expensive here. I knew this before coming, so I packed enough shampoo and products to last me for the five months that I'm staying here. The brand of conditioner that I use cost $2 on sale back home for a bottle. Here, it is $5 AUD.

Another advantage of bringing products is that after you're done using them, you can throw out the packaging and you will instantly have more luggage space (for souvenirs) for the flight home.

2. Food is really expensive here. I sort of knew this before coming, but I didn't think to bring much food except for chocolate. If I'd known how incredibly expensive my favourite cranberry juice was ($5.64  AUD for a smaller bottle here compared to $4.99 CAD for a bigger bottle here), I would have brought at least two bottles of juice (sounds silly doesn't it) here. Like with the products, you can throw away the bottle later on and have more luggage space when flying back home.

3. If you are a musician, most of the time, you don't have to bring your instrument. It is a hassle to carry everything on the plane and to make sure nothing breaks. You can buy a cheap instrument here! I'm getting a cheap guitar for $40 soon and I'm really excited!

4. It's cheaper to buy wetsuits here, if you're planning to surf or do water sports.

5. Don't count on being able to buy clothes here. Bring enough clothes for every occasion because like I've said before, things are super pricey!

6. Bring enough travel adapters as you see fit.

7. The internet here is terrible. It's slow, it disconnects easily... Don't say I didn't tell you so!