Quickie update! / by Jessica Lee

Quick post, as I'm running out of internet time at Hungry Jacks.

Since I don't have internet at home yet, I have to do a 7 minute walk to the local Hungry Jacks, which is a fast-food restaurant like Burger King or McDonalds. The upside is that the internet here is free, the downside is that they only give you one hour every two hours.

Sometimes I order their gross overpriced food, and sometimes (like today) I just sit in their "restaurant" and just use the wifi and hope that their employees don't kick me out for not buying anything.

This is their angus burger that I once ordered.

I'm settling in to Sydney quite well.

Yesterday, I went price shopping at my local mall. I discovered that Target prices their items higher than K Mart. The quality at Target is somewhat better though. It's strange though, I always thought Target was equivalent of Wal-Mart and everyone knows Wal-Mart quality isn't always the best.

I bought a pot and pan yesterday. I'm really excited as it's the first pot and pan set I've ever bought. I'm going to bring both back to Toronto so I can use them when I eventually settle into my own place.

I also have this thing for buying knives now. It's strange. I don't know why, but I like looking at knives and comparing the prices and seeing if they are sharp.

Will do a longer post soon. Peace!