A night time tour of University of Sydney / by Jessica Lee

I haven't done much exploring in the past few days, because I've been running errands with my housemates. We don't have an oven in our house, so we went out and bought a mini oven today since we all like to bake. We also picked up a mop and other essentials as well.

My schedule for the last couple of days since moving in consists of waking up at around 10 am (early for me) and making my housemates breakfast. I've done apple granola and Nutella banana pancakes so far (both were hits!). Tomorrow might be an omelette day...

(We each take care of different meals and cook for each other)

Then afterwards, we decide what we want to do. It might be buying groceries, going to the university or going to the markets.

At night, since we don't have internet in our house yet, I walk over to the university and use their wifi. The weather here is a nice, breezy 24 degrees C at night, so I sit on a park bench, drink my cranberry strawberry raspberry herbal iced tea, answer emails, and blog.

The internet in Australia generally is terrible, so it takes much longer than usual, but I figure the hardship I endure here will make me grateful when I'm back in Canada.

Anyway, I would like to show you around my campus today.

I decided to take photos of the campus at night because most of these buildings definitely look cooler when darkness strikes.

Look at that architecture!

This is where I sit with my iced tea.

And also, the campus is deserted at night, which makes for hassle-free (you don't have to deal with people walking into your photos) photo taking.

This is the Hogwarts building. (Just kidding)

Empty tents in preparation for orientation week.

This place is just lovely at night! I can't wait until I'm strapped down with hundreds of pages of readings and I have to stay here reading until early morning! (Just kidding about that one too)

Honestly, I am quite anxious about school in terms of difficulty level (a couple of 2,000 word essays are waiting for me). But at least the nice buildings will calm me down.

This is the graffiti hall that I walk through every time I want to go from my house to campus:

I thought it was a little sketchy (people here say "dodgy") at first because what if I encountered drug dealers at the end of the hall? But the first night I walked though it, I went with my housemate, so I felt safer.

I think it's pretty cool how the university has one of these halls. It has some "revolution" posters on it and it feels like I'm part of university in the 60's with "revolution" plastered everywhere because that's the time period when revolutions at universities really started to become big with the whole free love/peace thing. By allowing this hall, the university is sort of saying "yeah we value free expression and creativity here", so this hall gets a thumbs up from me.
Fresh graffiti cans.

It's going to be fall here soon. Fall starts in March. I feel like I'm cheating the weather system since I escaped Toronto in February, which is when the cold starts to get unbearable (it's after the holidays so there's no reason for snow anymore) and returning in the summer.