More Aussie adventures! / by Jessica Lee

New house, new house mates and new adventures!

That pretty much sums up the last few days for me.

Here is a picture of my new room:

It's the smallest room in the house, but I don't really mind since I'm only going to be there for five months or so. The rooms were randomly assigned. I will show you a picture of my housemates rooms in a later post so you can compare (I'm sure they won't mind). One of their rooms is literally double the size of mine and they are paying the same amount of rent as I am!

It is university accommodation and extremely convenient as now all I have to do to get to school is roll out of bed, put on some clothes and walk across a bridge.

This is my closet. I'm quite proud of it because it's the only part of my room that is relatively organized at the moment.

It's not really filled with clothes, I might have went a little crazy shopping for shower gels and body butters in Hong Kong...

But really, it evens out, as I haven't really done much shopping here in Aussie.

Things are crazy expensive!

One of my housemates jokes that when I get back to Canada, I should post send her make-up since the same brands are much cheaper back at home. Cover Girl, Maybelline, Revlon are all double the price here! It doesn't make sense to me... except maybe because of shipping costs? But then again, that shouldn't double the price.

Since it's a Saturday, we went to the Glebe markets today. It's walking distance from our house, and they sell vintage clothing, jewelry and food.

Here are a few photos I took:

This is what it generally looked like.

There are lots of really nice knick knacks there.

I honestly wanted to buy everything they had there. It wouldn't be practical of course, I'd run out of money very quickly.

We had a Turkish food there called Gozleme. Flatbread and feta cheese with spinach. Two of my housemates are vegetarian by the way, it's been a delightful learning experience so far- like today, I ate nutmeat (and heard of it) for the first time.

This is us with our food.

Here is a photo taken this afternoon of me and all of my housemates. We made lemonade since it was so hot.

My housemates are adorable! They are all Australian, but from different parts of Australia like Victoria or Botany Bay. One of them refers to my "accent" as "american". She's so endearing!

But then again, I think I fascinate them as well. Today I asked if there was a pitcher to put the lemonade in and they got confused because a pitcher for them is only someone who throws balls in baseball. They were like "Do you mean a jug?" (please read that in an Australian accent, haha)
I still don't understand some of the locals sometimes when they speak in their accents. Usually I just smile and nod. Or laugh. It's worked out so far.

An interesting tidbit about Australia: they sell kangaroo meat at the supermarket!

My non-vegetarian housemate says she's going to take me to try some as it is apparently much tastier than beef. I'm excited about that and frankly slightly scared. (I'm usually not too daring with my food choices) But I figure that I should push myself to eat new things more often.