McLovin' / by Jessica Lee

How does the Hong Kong McD's stack up to what is back home?

I decided to investigate that question today.

Here are a few things I discovered:
1. There are no salad items on the menu! (I guess the "healthy" salad trend is more North American)
2. There is less choice. There was about 10 meals you could order and that was it. No McFlurries here either!
3. However, they have something here called the McCafe, which is amazing. (More on that later)

I had something called the McWing, which looks like this on the outside:

And like this on the inside.

Basically it's fried chicken wings.

McDonalds is more common than KFC here, which is why they are able to release fried chicken wings and still have the product be a success.

The wings were great! A little spicy, but I guess that makes it even better for some people.

Next, I went to the McCafe and I ordered the Cookies and Cream Cheesecake. It was delicious!

Here is a selection of what you can get there. It's like cakes you can get at a coffee shop.

And this is what I ordered. In Canadian dollars, it is around $3.42, which isn't bad. And it came with a free Fererro Rocher.

I also noticed the small size cups in HK are actually smaller than the small size in Toronto. They are smaller than the red Dixie cups (like the ones you would use for house parties).

It's interesting what you see at different McDonalds around the world. For instance, in P.E.I years ago, I ordered a McLobster, which was a sandwich with real lobster in it. In Rome, they had the classiest McDonalds I had ever seen, the restaurant was built into a rock cave but it had Roman furnishings. In Japan, they had wasabi dip for the fries.

Dear readers, I'm curious: what are some interesting McDonalds items you've seen around the world?