G'day from Sydney! / by Jessica Lee

Okay. Quick blog update as I have to get going soon to buy myself a duvet before IKEA closes.

Yes. I am sitting in an IKEA in Sydney, Australia at the moment, using their free wifi and eating some Swedish meatballs.

I just landed in Sydney some 12 hours ago and this is the first free wifi I have encountered.

Some quick facts about Sydney so far:

1. Everything is super expensive. Food, clothes, even this plate of meatballs is more expensive than back in Toronto. It's more expensive by a dollar or two, but things do start adding up.
2. The weather is lovely here. This is exactly what I was hoping to get. It is flip flop and t-shirt weather.
3. This isn't really about Sydney, but it's exciting news for me: I got my first Android phone!!! Using 3G data is pretty exhilarating- coming from someone who has been using super slow WAP browsing for the last two years. And now I get to use Google Maps!
4. I am slowly figuring out how to use the transit here. (Well it is my first day here after all) I had pretty much figured out Hong Kong's subway system and now being thrust into a new transit system is like pushing boundaries for me.
5. I wish I brought my camera out today (I didn't because I was carrying around this laptop and it's pretty heavy) because I wanted to show you the trains. They don't have a subway here in Sydney (at least not that I know of so far), they take trains and buses.

Oh yes, and I wanted to bring up the fact that I love everyone's accents here. I think I am unconsciously starting to talk like the Australians. It's just a slight intonation of a word here and then there...

Pictures tomorrow!

I have to buy my duvet now otherwise I'll be cold tonight.