Hanging out at the Peak / by Jessica Lee

I did a pretty tourist-y thing today.

I went to the ultimate tourist destination in Hong Kong: The Victoria Peak- basically a mountain in Hong Kong.

The plateau part where I was at is around 400 m above sea level.

Here are the crowds waiting for the tram to get to the top:

And here is a picture of the tram:

Pictures from the top: There is a harbour side and a city side.

The city side has a pretty crazy lot of buildings!

After taking photos for a while and marvelling at the view, I started to get hungry.

There were a couple of really nice (and pricey) options, but I settled for Delifrance in the end.

Delifrance is a little cafe which serves pasta, pastries, coffees and soups.

I ordered a mushroom sauce pasta with a side of potato au gratin (I wanted to see what it was), an iced peach green tea and a croissant to top it off. It was absolutely delicious!

To top it off, I ate it on their patio and had the pleasure of people-watching while I ate. Here is a picture so you sort of get the view I had.

Here is their croissant. It was perfect. All warm and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Afterwards, I went exploring in the mall at the Peak. Here are some pictures of the insides. The architecture is quite amazing. I'm impressed at all the escalators they've managed to fit inside this small space.

The sun started to set at this point, and I wanted to get night shots of the Peak, so I found a cozy spot at the Pacific Coffee Company and read my Murakami book. Here, I was trying to not be so tourist-y.

Usually, tourists will go to tourist points, take their pictures, and then jet off to the next tourist point. In contrast, I actually tried to take my time and let the atmosphere sink in (all the sounds, smells, tastes and feels). I took my sweet time doing enjoying myself.

The view from this coffee shop was absolutely amazing. I can't believe I was allowed to stay there for such a long time having only spent $3.50 on a hot chocolate. Here is a picture of the outside plus a glass reflection of the inside. You can see the whole skyline of the city.

This is a better photo.

And here is the hot chocolate. It had a rich, chocolate-y taste!

A tourist-y photo of me: (sorry about the hair, it was windy up there!)

And the best for last: the Hong Kong skyline! This was taken during their nightly 8pm light show (see the sky lights?). They have a 15 minute show every night using sky lights and building lights. It's choreographed to music and all. Pretty flashy.