A first look at Sydney / by Jessica Lee

Sydney is a beautiful city.

I've been here for only three days so far, but I've gotten a chance to walk around and explore the area a little.

I'm living in Burwood, it is a little area which I would say is comparable to the Danforth area back home in Toronto. It's got a trendy street area with restaurants, and I'm close to the mall and the train station (because they don't have subways here, just trains- lots and lots of trains). It's about a 15 minute train ride to downtown Sydney and a 30 minute bus ride away from school.

But I don't want to bore you with details of my living arrangements. So here are a few photos of Sydney!

This here is a really artsy-looking bus stop in Central that was just begging me to take a picture of it. Why don't we have artsy bus stops back in Toronto? It would be a good idea.

This is a nice looking street in downtown Sydney.

I don't know where this place is or what this place is called, but I'm going to come back here soon to eat. (It's near Darling Harbour)

This here is a little Asian street market near Central that I happened upon:

Darling Harbour! This is the place where I would like to meet a nice, rich (preferably young) gentleman to take me to fancy dinners at the restaurants.

The harbour really would be perfect for a night time stroll after said fancy dinner.

I thought the roads in the below photo were cool, the way they're all stacked together.

And here is where I show you pictures of the trams and their tracks!

They weave in and around buildings in the city, which I find really awesome- it feels like I'm in the movie Minority Report, minus Tom Cruise. You know how in the movie they have all these train structures that go around buildings and look modern? Yeah well it's actually reality!

I bought an unlimited train pass for myself ($51 for a week yikes!). I'm hoping to explore more the rest of this week.

I'll keep updating if you keep reading! Until then, cheers!