Eating my way around town / by Jessica Lee

One of the awesome things about jet lag is that it allows you to wake up early.

Usually in Toronto on non-school days, I wake-up around 11 am and if I'm lucky, I get out of the house by 1 pm. And with travel time that leaves me with approximately 2-4 hours to get things done because in Toronto, businesses close freakin' early!

Today I was up and at 'em by 9 am before most stores in the mall opened and before the mall filled up, which was cool because it felt like I was getting a head start on my day before everyone had woken up. By the way, the mall connects to the subway so I have to walk through it- it's not like I spend all my free time in malls, waiting for stores to open.

Since I'm pretty much all shopped out from the days before, today, I spent most of my time on food.

I had Japanese ramen with pork and beef in it for lunch. It was satisfying.

Then I headed to the Pacific Coffee Company for tiramisu and steamed milk.

I sat across from this old Chinese man (he had a head full of grey hair) who was drinking tea and using his Macbook Pro. It was encouraging to see an older person embracing something new. He was using his USB key like a pro too!

In between meals, I hung out at bookstores and read. (Bought two Murakami books and a Paulo Coelho book!)

Also, I went to this place:

Can you guess where it is? Hint: It takes its name from a British queen.

Yes it is VICTORIA HARBOUR, if that is what you guessed.

I took a ferry from the Hong Kong Island side to the Kowloon side. It took not more than 20 minutes I would say. Interesting fact: my uncle, who was with me said that back in the day (the 80's), he would have to take the ferry to work before they installed the subway and also the underwater bridge. I think it's pretty cool to travel to work by boat. Maybe one day I will move to Dawson's Creek and visit my neighbours by boat.

For dinner, I sort of just wandered into Italian Tomato Cafe Jr. It was okay. Disappointing actually, considering that Chinese spaghetti at "Cha Chaan Tengs" (Hong Style Cafes) are usually great. Oh well, the meal cost $6 CAD, and I am still full, so it's not like I lost a great deal.

I ordered the spaghetti with tomato cream sauce and mozzarella melted on-top. Looking back, it was just the sauce that was too thin. Otherwise, the noodles and everything else was done well.

On the way home, I happened to see a store that sold health-food drinks and I picked up this walnut-buckwheat concoction. It was delicious.

Other flavours that I could have chose from included black sesame, coconut milk, almond milk and chestnut milk! I vow that I am going to try a different drink each day I pass by the shop. I wish these drinks were readily available around Toronto. I feel like I would be much healthier!

The best part about these drinks is that they cost less than $3 CAD and there are NO PRESERVATIVES! That's like the price of vitamin water, except these drinks are packed full of protein and nutrition! I am definitely going to miss the food here (and the prices) when I leave.